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Knowing who to turn to in the midst of life’s difficulties can be so hard. Finding a counselor, a therapist, even a massage practitioner who can meet your needs is often a daunting task…

Our Vancouver, Washington Office

Our Vancouver, Washington Office

Fortunately, in Vancouver, Washington, Wise Counsel & Comfort has made that task a good deal easier.

No matter what the need is that you or your loved ones are facing, someone at Wise Counsel & Comfort here in Vancouver, or at one of our Portland metropolitan area offices will be able to help.  If your needs are related to mental health, individual counseling or difficult relationship issues ~ if you need family therapy or a good counselor for your teenager or child ~ even if you’re seeking a less traditional or alternative therapy, someone at Wise Counsel & Comfort will be the right choice.

And for body/mind concerns, massage therapy or acupuncture, you will likely find the practitioner you need at Wise Counsel & Comfort.The clinicians in the Wise Counsel community have your needs at heart. The therapists will take your financial needs into consideration when establishing fees, and we do our best to schedule appointments at your convenience.

Browsing through our pages, you’ll find a wide array of helpful information — guidance about how to choose a counselor, or steps to take on your own if you’re not ready to take that step right now.  You’ll find detailed information on each of the professionals who practice here, along with their telephone numbers and email addresses.

Lynne Nesbit

My name is Lynne Joy Nesbit. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (OR), and I am privileged to serve as director of Wise Counsel & Comfort. If I can assist in any way, helping to answer questions or provide a referral, please give me a call in Portland at 503-282-0182.

Severe Symptoms & Crisis

If you or a loved one here in the Portland metropolitan area is currently in crisis, suffering severe symptoms, I urge you to seek immediate help by going to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, or calling 911.

If the severity of your circumstances and symptoms require more than an hour of weekly counseling, I encourage you to consider an “intensive outpatient” treatment option. In the Portland metropolitan area, these are offered through a variety of health organizations. One of the finest is through Providence Health Services.  For more information about how to access these intensive outpatient services, please visit their website at: Providence Adult Outpatient Services

Information for Mental Health and Wellness Professionals:

Wise Counsel & Comfort is an innovative, cooperative practice space for mental health professionals (psychologist, therapist, counselor, licensed professional counselor, and social workers) as well as practitioners of alternative wellness therapies who share a commitment to professional integrity and service to the community. This joint effort allows each of us to serve our clients more effectively and affordably. All of the professionals at Wise Counsel & Comfort offer sliding fee scale for their services.

If you are interested in joining us at Wise Counsel & Comfort, please click here: Shared Practice Space for more information about the history and purpose of Wise Counsel & Comfort, current availability, policies and rates.